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What will a career at Senior Internet provide?

A Creative Environment

This year has seen an influx of new talent at Senior Internet. In an industry in which keeping up to date with ever-changing technologies is vital; we are proud to be a place where each one of our team’s ideas and creativity are cultivated and encouraged.

We have built a team of inventive, enthusiastic individuals who help us constantly strive to achieve more.

We recognise that to keep progressing and growing as we have done over that past few years we need to remain fresh and relevant and that drive comes from each member of the team.

A Chance to Progress

At Senior we ask each new team member we take on where they see their careers heading in the future. We offer full support on the advancements of careers and skillsets.

We recognise that our team’s personal growth means the growth of the company as a whole. We value ambition and drive, and we are proud to be a company who cultivates the aspirations of our team.

We offer a £1000 training budget for each of our team. They can use this on whatever they think will advance their careers and grow their skill set. It’s a great way of keeping ideas fresh and up to date.

A Social Hub

At Senior, we understand the how necessary it is to get on with your colleagues, and we’ve taken that to a new level! We know the importance of a team who genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

We have regular monthly socials and we make sure we dedicate our time to finding events we know everyone will enjoy and making them as inclusive as possible. 2014 saw the team Go Karting, rock climbing, ghost walking, axe throwing, golfing and cocktail making.

Occasionally we can’t get enough of each other and find that we even want to spend our evenings in the pub relaxing, or break times going out to lunch or playing Fifa; even the occasional Monday tackling each other on the football pitch.

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