Membership website design and CRM Software

Membership Website Design for Membership Organisations

Senior Internet specialises in supplying membership website design and online CRM software to membership organisations, assisting organisations to attract, retain and control membership management whilst adding significant value to the membership proposition.

From CMS websites to membership databases & contact relationship management systems (CRM software), Senior provides the complete solution.

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River CMS - Flexible membership website design

River CMS is Senior’s enterprise online content management system CMS designed for flexible membership website design. The CMS lets users create pages, apply design templates, add images and text as well as creating callouts and click-throughs. There’s even a facility to allow each page to be search-engine optimised using Title tags, Meta tags and URL naming. And it’s all designed to be fast, intuitive and easy to use.

River CMS gives you all the control you need over your website without having to know any programming languages, which means that you can update your website at any time with ease and confidence. At Senior we know that having control over your websites content is important and our web based CMS is designed with this in mind so you have all the functionality and control you need to keep your website and your visitors up to date and informed.

MemberBase CRM Software

Senior's membership software was developed specifically to meet the needs of membership and trade associations, MemberBase CRM is an entirely web based and remotely hosted membership CRM software package and contact relationship management system (CRM). Our MemberBase CRM software is the perfect solution to membership association software needs.

MemberBase CRM software offers a wide range of funtionality designed to empower member organisations in the effective management of their members. Functions include being able to create and store member records, log interactions, group members into specific categories and communicate with members on mass.



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