Online Marketing

Online marketing

We provide a variety of online marketing services for our clients.  As part of #TheBigReveal, we will be raising awareness of these services and informing readers exactly what our exceptional team can do for their brand.

To coincide with #TheBigReveal, only two services will be unveiled at a time before we release something special at the end of this month.


We've been providing highly effective SEO services to clients for a number of years. Our team has been able to boost the exposure of brands and help them find new business by dramatically improving their Google rankings. Want to find out more? Click here.

Social media

Social media has revolutionised how brands promote themselves. Through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, businesses can reach new audiences and boost their authority online.  Senior has helped businesses to flourish on social platforms with highly engaging content.  Take a look for yourselves here

Websites need great graphics in order to engage visitors. Every successful website uses graphics to convert visitors and attract new business. Images are a key component of any branding strategy and our team is helping numerous businesses convey their branding in new and inventive ways.  Take a look for yourself here

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels. Despite the growth of social media and the importance of SEO, emails are continuing to generate leads. We specialise in designing and distributing email campaigns to help organisations reach their marketing goals. Have a look at some of our projects here

News and blogs

News and blogs are an easy way for websites to boost their authority online and improve their SEO ranking. All successful websites need fresh content and we know exactly how to position your brand with written content. Find out more information here.

Website content 

High-quality website content is vital for organisations. Pages need to be engaging, useful and informative. To help you get the most out of your website content, we are offering to produce it for you. Our copywriting and SEO experts can produce copy to match your marketing aims and drive your business forward. Click here to find out more.