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Website design from Senior Internet
Website design from Senior Internet
Website design from Senior Internet
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Website design from Senior Internet

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The Challenge

The main challenge involved in building the Meadowmead suite of websites was to allow Meadowmead administrators to add categories, ranges and products into one administration system, with the data displaying in the product catalogues of the intended websites.

Meadowmead required a stylish, contemporary feel to each of their brands, with each brand website bursting with the character of that brand.

2012 UPDATE: In 2012, it was tasked upon Senior to give the 4 sites a revamp. The Meadowmead trio of sites required a fresh new look to match up to their fantastic furniture offerings.

The Approach

The Meadowmead suite uses a centralised administration area to store all product categories, ranges and products that appear on the suite of websites. This database helps to keep information in the right place and keep it simple for Meadowmead to administrate their product catalogues. Administrators editing the catalogue simply enter the product names, let the system know what range it should be in, add some pictures and a downloadable PDF and the system knows exactly where the product needs to display and on which site(s) in the suite.

Identical HTML is used for the suite of sites, with CSS powering the style of the sites. This allows future brands to be added efficiently and consistently.

The visitors see an easy to navigate catalogue, firstly choosing a type of furniture, then a range (complete with an image carousel), then products. Visitors to the site can download the product PDF, view various pictures from thumbnails or find their nearest stockist for that product.

The characters of each brand are clearly visible in each website, with the John Sankey website being dark and classy, Barton Furniture being light and airy and Henderson Russell having a classic look.

2012 UPDATE: Although most functions of the sites remained unchanged - the primary objective being to showcase Meadowmead's furniture designs through the catalogue module - new quirky designs were applied to the sites. Parallax technology was used on the John Sankey site which gave it a truly unique & modern look. In addition, the smart postcode lookup feature was added; for example, to find your nearest John Sankey stocklist.

The Results

The Meadowmead suite has seen brilliant results in terms of SEO with approximately two thirds of its traffic being referred from search engines.

A Page 1 listing in Google for ‘Sofa Manufacturers’shows that the website is competing with the competition successfully.

2012 UPDATE: Updating the 4 sites has meant a more modern & fresher look to further showcase Meadowmead's truly stunning products.

Website Features

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