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Website design from Senior Internet
Website design from Senior Internet
Website design from Senior Internet
Website design from Senior Internet
Website design from Senior Internet

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The Challenge

On the Credos website, it is crucial that any information is easy to locate. Visitors will often search the website solely for Credos research papers, so accessing these easily is of particular importance. Promotion of these papers was also an objective.

Showcasing their long-term projects was another challenge. With many stakeholders visiting the website, Credos wanted to ensure they were fully aware of current long-term projects and their objectives.

Together with creating an easy website and blog to navigate, Credos wanted to take a more honest and open approach. They were keen to show the people who are behind Credos, namely their board and team.

The Approach

Promoting publications and projects were paramount to Credos, so Senior created two templates for these pages for Credos to edit via their River CMS platform. The templates are easy to edit and look far more interesting than most document listings, with screenshots of the front covers of papers adding visual impact. Credos can maintain these pages with no input needed from Senior thanks to the usability of River CMS. The projects and publications feature heavily on the homepage with some appearances throughout the inner pages of the website so the user can always access them easily.

The team and the board have pages dedicated to profiles allowing users to find out who makes up the Credos organisation. As well as this, Credos have used the media manager in River CMS to produce a videos page where debates about advertising are displayed.

The news module within River CMS allows Credos to post their latest stories (latest papers for instance) to keep visitors up to date. The website also imports posts from the Credos blog, also created by Senior, and displays “snippets” of these posts around the website. The blog lets Credos post more informal posts, stories and interviews to encourage debate.

The Results

A fresh and clean design has given the sites attractive yet professional look. By including both a ‘Board’ and ‘Team’ page, with pictures and profile information on each individual, Credos gives an honest and open feel and readers can relate more closely with them.

The simple layout has enabled its visitors to access the information they require quickly and efficiently. This is particularly important as the visitors expect easy access to Credos’ research papers, which are additionally featured throughout the website. As a result of items being easy to locate, this offers the user a seamless experience whilst on the site.

Within days of launching, Google had indexed all pages of the website and the blog. As ever, the site has been heavily optimised in search engines. Credos therefore rank well in search for relevant phrases.

All in all, Credos have a fantastic new website which they are very pleased with!

Website built using Senior's River Content Management System.

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