Online Staff Holiday Planner and Absence Management System

e-days is a browser-based staff holiday planner and employee absence management system used by more than 100,000 users in 65+ countries worldwide.

As a web-based system, e-days staff holiday planner makes holiday planning and managing employee absence a simple, accurate and precise process, delivering a quick and efficient staff holiday planning and absence management system for companies of all sizes.

Staff holiday planning and absence management made simple

e-days allows organisations to manage staff holiday planning, plan annual leave and track staff absence quickly, easily and securely to maximise staff productivity. As a complete absence management system, e-days makes important employee absence information accessible to staff via an online self-service portal. This removes the need to process paper booking forms and manually update holiday planning spreadsheets, providing a fast and accurate mechanism for holiday planning and absence management.

Staff can use the e-days staff holiday planner to book time-off, authorise requests and view shared staff holiday calendars to see who’s off and when. e-days absence management system also tracks employee sick leave, allowing managers to document and monitor staff sickness using online return-to-work forms and powerful reports.

Staff holiday planning

e-days automates staff holiday planning processes with time-saving holiday planning features:



Staff holiday calendars

Configure teams and project work groups with real-time visibility over each other’s holiday calendars.

One-click authorisation

Approve holiday requests from email and let e-days update calendars and notify staff members.

Outlook integration

Synchronise e-days staff holiday calendars with web-based applications like Outlook & Gmail. 

Holiday carryover and accruals

Automate holiday accruals and carry over processes across different working patterns and calendar years.

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Staff Sickness Management

e-days streamlines -sickness absence management processes with online sickness tracking features:



Online Absence Recording

Log staff absence against individual records and choose to display absence on shared calendars.

Return-to-Work Forms

Use pre-populated self-certified and return-to-work forms to document staff sickness consistently.

Bradford Factor Scoring

Automatically track Bradford Factor scores and alert managers when trigger points are exceeded.

Email Alerts

Notify HR and managers when specific absence types are logged (e.g. accident at work, stress etc.).

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Absence Reporting

e-days replaces spreadsheets and manual calculations with powerful online reporting features:


Absence Reports

Run reports to collect absence information or compare sickness and holiday data across teams.

Absence Cost Tracker  

Monitor the cost of absenteeism and lost working time across the organisation and take remedial action. 

Scheduled reports

Generate reports automatically on a regular basis and deliver direct to managers and HR via email.

Export to Excel

Export e-days reports to Microsoft Excel at the click of a button for further analysis or use by payroll

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Tangible benefits for your organisation 

As a web-based staff holiday planning and sickness management system, e-days benefits all staff within an organisation, providing a fast, easy-to-use and secure sickness and holiday planning solution that can reduce cost of absenteeism by up to 24% by:

  • Reducing absenteeism rates

    e-days transforms staff absence management into a transparent company-wide process. By providing direct self-service access to holiday and sickness records e-days staff holiday planner educates employees about the impact of short-term absence which helps to discourage employees from taking unnecessary time off. This often resulting in an immediate reduction in absenteeism rates for our customers. 

  • Increasing administration efficiency

    e-days removes many of the manual processes associated with managing speadsheet and paper-based systems, streamlining your holiday planning processes. e-days staff holiday planner automates requests and approvals, updates entitlement balances, populates shared holiday calendars, enforces minimum staffing levels and much more. This helps organisations significantly reduce the administrative strain on managers and HR staff. 

  • Improving visibility

    From shared staff holiday calendars and absenteeism reports to automated alerts and holiday request notifications, e-days provides organisations with a comprehensive suite of online tools to proactively manage staff absence and plan staff holiday leave more effectively. e-days delivers the visibility and insight required to understand absence trends, identify problem absenteeism and plan staff resources more efficiently than ever before.

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