MemberBase CRM is a web-based membership management database and CRM system

The hosted solution was developed by us to provide our membership clients with the best possible methods for managing members and contacts. Important areas of the system are integrated with front end websites to minimise the administrative burden of re-keying data.

The system provides a set of valuable and effective tools to help increase the efficiency of managing membership communities whilst also improving interaction with members.

MemberBase CRM software is a centralised hub providing a single source for all communications and activity logging against individual members. It’s designed to make the keeping of accurate information on individual members a simple process and to comply with data protection legislation.

MemberBase CRM software currently includes the following core features:

  • Secure contact database / CRM to manage membership renewals, log member interactions (phone calls, e-mails, letters etc), and send out correspondence
  • Ability to log information including: contact details, date of birth, activity history, correspondence, membership details, type of membership, payments history renewal period etc
  • The capacity to easily search for members within the system
  • The ability to segment members by category
  • Management of member records, contacts and groups, allowing individual members to be grouped by membership type and / or by areas of interest
  • A template library which allows administrators to select pre-defined documents as a base for letters and emails e.g. a welcome letter or membership renewal notice
  • Communication to create and manage complex mailing lists and groups of contacts for targeted newsletter or email campaigns including the ability to create regular lists of members that have accreditations nearing expiry enabling them to be targeted for renewals by email
  • Management of collection enrolment and renewals fees, including grouping of debtors
  • Alerts and reminders for member renewal notification
  • Reporting to provide accurate management information across a range of standard and bespoke reports e.g. number of members, membership renewals coming up next month, membership fees outstanding, membership fees due between certain dates etc…all the data can be exported to MS Excel when required and our existing clients find MemberBase CRM’s reporting facility extremely important for accounting and budgeting purposes