River CMS EcommerceRiver CMS Ecommerce

RiverCMS provides first rate e-commerce web design

Clients benefit from a simple to use, search engine friendly ecommerce CMS system, and end users benefit from a seamless online buying experience with automated responses for order confirmation giving them full confidence to use the website again for future purchases.

E-commerce enabled RIVERCMS

All core features of RiverCMS are available for ecommerce web clients with the addition of an extensive, multiple level product catalogue. This gives clients full control over all elements of their e-commerce website.

Some example features include

  • Online buying (basket and checkout with auto calculations, posting and packing costs)
  • Frequent buyer account creation
  • SEO optimised product category landing pages
  • Related products
  • Best sellers
  • Special offers and discounts
  • User generated product review system
  • Product discount voucher system
  • FAQs
  • Stockist locators
  • Breadcrumb trails
  • Systems integration (ERP, stock management, email marketing, CRM etc)

An example of our e-commerce web design is www.british-thornton.co.uk.

british thornton trudy catalogue.JPG

The user has the ability to download a product details sheet & choose from multiple options to select product specifications, seeing the real-time effect on price before purchase.

atlas leg chair british thornton catalogue.JPG