Staff Benefits

What to Expect


We award a grant of £1000 to spend on training to every team member from the moment they join us. It's important in this industry to ensure knowledge is fresh so we can keep up to date with the latest trends. This training budget will do not only that but also provide everyone with the chance to further their skills and knowledge and gain extra qualifications.


Between us we've clocked up a good few years in the industry and we're open and encouraging about sharing our ideas, skills and expertise, and dedicate much of our time to teaching, training and helping each other out. 

We expect top quality results from hard working individuals. A career should be a delicate balance between loving what you do and working hard to achieve your goals. At Senior we reward people who don't shy away from a challenge and who strive towards constant improvement.


Finally, as a reward for hard work and dedication each member of the team gets an extra day's holiday added for every year they work here- meaning that if you've worked here for long enough you could be enjoying almost a month off a year! Not too shabby.

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