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River CMSRiver CMS allows users to create pages quickly and easily via a web CMS interface. The web content management system is extremely user-friendly allowing website administrators to concentrate on what's important - content, without having to install any content management software. River CMS can manage your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) out of the box meaning traffic generation with little effort.  More on River CMS's features >

Making Pages using our web content management system

Pages (like this one here) are straightforward to create via the web content management panel. A website administrator can simply choose where the page will sit in the navigation, give it a name, a template and some content and the page is ready to be published.

Modules in the web content management system

Modules are key for publishing news stories, events vacancies and more onto your pages. All modules behave in the same manner for ease of use.

On some pages you may wish to do more than a simple layout. You may want to add news stories or events or more. That’s where modules come in.

Modules in River CMS allow web administrators to create more complicated lists of items without the need to format them. Modules all work in the same way and so are easy to learn.  A taster of the modules in River CMS:

News Module

Let’s start with an example. Our news page on this very website shows the news module in action. The News module allows website admins to publish stories with as much power as normal pages. Stories are managed centrally and can be published in relevant pages around the website with ease. So, it’s a two second job to publish a story to the corporate news and staff news pages together – no duplication needed.

Web CMS and Usability

River CMS is designed to be as user friendly as possible whether you are performing a single simple action or whether you are a power-user editing a batch of content. A usability team work constantly to improve the system over time.

We are proud of the usable interface that powers our web content management system. Our main goal is to allow web administrators to concentrate on their content and not to have to think about using the system. River CMS is constantly evolving thanks to a continual usability drive. The main reasons why it is user friendly:


Whether you are working on a page, a news story or any other piece of content, the actions you take as a publisher are the same. If you know how to use one section of the web content management system, you know how to use them all.


No web content management system is perfect. With River CMS, we constantly seek feedback whilst also carrying out usability analysis and therefore the system gets continually refined to improve the user experience.


The team involved in building, updating, improving and testing the web content management system have nearly three decades of experience so you can be assured that the product is built with user experience in mind at every step.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the web CMS

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a critical part of any CMS. If a CMS system does not have SEO features built in, the website created by it may not rank well in search engines if appear at all.

With River CMS, SEO is crucial. Websites created in River CMS always appear in search engines and generally rank well for searches relevant to the website.

But we take it one stage further

River CMS also takes the work out of SEO for website administrators. By default, admins can focus on their content because River CMS performs the necessary SEO tasks when content is published. If you’re savvy about SEO, then you can override the SEO of a page if you feel the need.

So if you just need to website to perform, the web content management system can take charge but if you like to get your hands dirty then by all means do so.

River CMS is also social

There’s only so much you can do on your own website to achieve more traffic. River CMS also makes it easy for visitors to the website to share content on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and more. River CMS allows your users to send you more traffic and help you develop your presence elsewhere for you.

Turning it that on its head, River CMS also allows website administrators to ‘pull in’ content from their Facebook and Twitter pages easily meaning more friends and followers.

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