Email Marketing

Email marketing

Email has persevered as one of the most effective channels of marketing over the last few years.

Amid the emergence of social media, content marketing and PPC, email has stayed strong. Millions of companies rely on email messages to deliver extra conversions to their website and increase business.  While websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN have been celebrated for their marketing power, email has quietly pushed organisations forward.

At Senior, we provide a variety of email marketing services to help you reach your objectives.

We provide:

  • Email set-ups
  • Email template designs
  • Email copy 

Editable Templates

The eMarketing solution is industry leading, and will allow you to create beautiful mailshots without the need to edit core HTML.

Through a simple easy to use interface, you can amend copy, add images, control links and really take charge of your email campaigns.


Once the campaign has been created, and the template finalised. You'll be able to assign a list of subscribers. This list can be inserted manually or through a CSV will incorrect email formats being highlighted and removed automatically.

With everything now entered, you can send out test emails just to ensure that the design is formatting as desired on specific mail clients.



Within the system, you’ll have access to reports that give you valuable information about the mailshot that has been sent. The report can be exported from the system as a PDF. 

Opens & Clicks

See who opens your campaigns, when and how many times; with the ability to drill right down to the subscriber level!


See which emails bounced back and couldn’t be delivered. The system will also automatically remove invalid addresses from your lists.

Mobile Friendly Reporting

Get full access to all your campaign reports on any smart mobile device. See opens, clicks and bounces for all your campaigns through a simple, easy-to-navigate interface.

Other Features

  • CSV Subscriber Import – Allows a mass upload of subscribers into contact lists.
  • Social Integration – Integrates with all popular social channels for instant sharing
  • Analytics Integration – Integrated with Google Analytics to follow the full user journey through to conversion.
  • SPAM reporting tool – Informs of SPAM complains from reader.

Current projects


We have designed and executed several email campaigns for the e-days absence management solution. Our aproach to design has helped the business to engage thousands of subscribers. Here are just some examples below:

e-days email