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Generating 3 entrants a second!

The Geek Calculator was a campaign devised for our client Newsworks.  Newsworks wanted a fun way for people who were attending their Tech Nation launch event, to engage with their research findings.

In close collaboration with the Newsworks team a plan was created that could take the Geek Calculator to a wider and more diverse audience. Increasing the reach of their work, the profile of Newsworks and the message that Newbrands are a vibrant and innovative channel, to the rest of the world.

Senior planned the Geek Calculator user journey and crafted the user experience (UX), producing detailed wirfeframes for the Geek Calculator layout for both desktop and mobile platforms.   


Senior took the algorithm and questions developed by a specialist research company (who had been behind the original research study) and developed the Geek Calculator engine - which would then profile people who took the test and tell them their Geek type.

The success of the campaign was huge with over 150,000 entrants in day one as the Geek Calculator went mainstream, generating an average of 3 entries per second!

At this moment in time it has had nearly 190,000 entries and has been featured on; Daily Mail, Telegraph, Evening Standard, MSN, Radio 2, I, Campaign and many forums and social sites. 

What was Newsworks recipe for success?

Take One Quiz Module

The River CMS quiz module gives you the ability to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, including multiple choice, multiple select, true-false, and short answer questions. The results are accessible through the module admin section.

Newsworks were using a custom implementation of the geek calculator to publish recent research that they had undertaken about the different types of 'tech' users in the UK. By creating an element of interaction for the end user, mixed with the PR from large news brands and the power of social media, the feature was able to rocket to 150,000 entries after day 1.

CampaignProcessSome Campaign Management

Making sure that all ducks are in a row was essential to the success of the campaign. We worked with Newsworks team developing a release plan and supporting the launch including, Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Forums and press.


One Mobile/Responsive Websitegeek-mobile

With smart phone and tablet adoption increasing by over 150% in two years, and estimates that by 2015, access via these mobile devices will surpass PC usage when connecting to the internet, creating a strong mobile presence is essential.

This is why we spent time to develop a mobile specific interface for the geek calculator and the Geek website was designed to be mobile responsive – so it would be easily viewed and completed by a hand held device.

Over a third of the traffic during the Geek Calculator campaign came from mobile sources so this prooved to be time well spent.

Lots of Tracking & Server Capabilities

We wanted to see if the campaign was a success, so it was important to measure the impact.  Once the feature was launched we were able to see in real time the Geek entries rocketing up in our reports section in the quiz admin – can’t tell you how exciting this was to see!

We needed to plan for success and ensure that no matter how busy, the campaign continued to run smoothly - The Geek Calculator campaign was receiving over 2,000 concurrent views during the first day, and we're proud to say there was zero downtime as our enterprise tier one hosting solution prooved its worth - no server crashes for Newsworks!                  

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